Practise Green Idea to Be an Environmental Protection Pioneer

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In recent years we have continuously increased investment in environmental protection, accelerated the transformation of energy conservation and environmental protection technology,updated the mechanism of our environmental protection system and strengthened the awareness of environmental responsibility to promote the harmonious development with the environment.

1. Implement the body responsibility of the environmental protection

We always adhere to the idea of  environmental protection and strictly stick to the  environmental protection system to realize the     environmental protection  during project construction and production process . The environmental liability sheets have been signed within different layers of the management.Head of the company commits to ECO Park, head of the division to head of the company, employees to head of the company.Everyone implements clean production inspection and environmental quality requirement to effectively reduce emission of waste gas,waste wate and waste residue.

2. Strengthen routine inspection and drill

    a. Arrange a plan and drill for emergency

Safety and Environment Division compiles Action on Sudden Environmental Accident and Action on Hazardous Waste Accident filed in Environmental Protection Bureau.And a command team who understands the rescue procedures has been set up and drilled at a regular intervals to improve the ability to cope with emergent situation.

    b. Strengthen routine operation management

Safety and Environment Division monthly organizes the training on environmental law and clean production and inspection to continuously improves the awareness of environmental protection and avoid environmental accident.Furthermore,we also ask the third party test agency to check waste water,exhaust and waste residue and issue the report so that we can contrast and improve.

3. Increase the investment in technical tranformation and upgrading

   a. Correctly install and use monitor equipment

We install linked sewage flow meter and COD online monitor at the sewage outlet.Waste water can't be released to sewage treatment plant until it meets the standard after pre-treatment.And side reaction is reduced by using DCS automatic control system to make raw material feed and reaction conditions more accurate.In this way, energy utilization rate is increased and energy consumption is decreased.

   b. Increase the investment in technical tranformation and upgrading

The new solvent method winning the gold award solves sustainability of solvent method.The remaining heat and pressure during the process can be fully used,and all recycled solvent can be used again,thus consumption of raw materials and emission amount of pollutants are both decreased. Recently we have invested RMB500,000 in offgas treatment and managed to convert by-product hydrochloric acid into calcium chloride we sell,and increased the sales revenue as well.