Seminar on Chlorinated Rubber Industrial Painting

Chlorinated rubber is one type of Chlorinated polymers transformed from natural rubber or synthetic rubber.It is widely used for adhesive and anti-corrosion paint for vessels,containers,signs and offshore oil platforms because of its excellent chemical stability and permeability resistance, excellent film-forming, adhesion, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and insulation.Meanwhile, it is compatible with most coating materials and easy to use, it can be made into thick slurry coating.Thus, it is one of the most promising chlorine fine chemical products.

Traditional carbon tetrachloride solvent method will be banned since December 2009 in China according to the Montreal protocol because carbon tetrachloride as solvent used in this process causes damage to the ozone layer.

A new solvent method has been developed successfully in Ruihe.The new solvent method will open up a new era of chlorinated rubber production and application.

The magazine Painting Industry,the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China Painting and Coating Committee together with Ruize set up a seminar called for Chlorinated Rubber Industrial Painting in Suzhou on March 21,2013. Hundreds of professionals in the field of industrial painting and its application attended the seminar.

1. Lecture on Given Topics

Ruihe’s distinguished expert Mr. Luo Shengjun made a speech of New Porudction Technology,Application and Development for Chlorinated Rubber. He introduced chlorinated rubber produced by new solvent method. Chlorinated rubber through this process is environmental-friendly and owns good feature.Beisdes,he interpreted articles of the industry standard Chlorinated Rubber Resin for Painting(HG/T 4346-2012)that is valid from March 1.

2. Keynote Lecture

Mr.Jin Xiaohong,analyst and professor of No.725 Xiamen Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation presented the feature of paint and coating for ships, design and application of Chlorinated rubber anti-rust paint used for ship bottom and analyzed the key points of application for chlorinated rubber for ships.

Mr.Liu Huicheng,deputy chief engineer of COSCO Guanxi Painting Chemical Co., Ltd., introduced the industry status of containers, the current situation and requirement of coating supporting system,the standard of container paint and analyze the painting requirement of chlorinated rubber painting for containers in his presentation Chlorinated Rubber Painting Used for Containers.

Mr.GuBin,senior engineer of petrochemical industry application and resin lab at National Painting Engineering Center introduced anti-corrosion requirement for steel structure coating, application of chlorinated rubber under chemically polluted environment and gave an account of the effect of acrylic polyurethane transformed from chlorinated rubber on paint film performance.

Ms.Li Minfeng,senior technical consultant of China Steel Structure Anti-corrosion and Fire Prevention Brach Association made a speech of the Energy-efficient and Environment-friendly Direction of Bridge Coating and its Technology.In this speed she introduced the status of bridge building and the trend in China,the development of bridge coating and the coating supporting system,and she illustrated the three bridges to analyze the application of chlorinated rubber in bridge paint.

3. Experience sharing

Three painting engineers from three users in different application introduced some cases in brief and shared their experience.

At the end Q&A and discussion hosted by senior engineer of petrochemical industry application and resin lab at National Painting Engineering Center Mr. GuBin  is held.The experts and users’ representatives answered the questions including the Performance and application of transformed chlorinated rubber resin,mainstream supporting system and requirement of bridge coating and how to use  chlorinated rubber to change the performance for ship bottom paint and container coating.Until the seminar ended, attendants were still in the midst of a lively discussion.

Through the one-day senimar industrial paint manufacturers,experts and users further understood the feature and application of chlorinated rubber produced by the new method and discussed the application and technical process of chlorinated rubber in the field of industrial anti-corrosion paint. And the seminar also provides helpful information on more effective and reasonable application of chlorinated rubber for bridges and steel-structured buildings.