A Letter to Customers

The price of natural rubber currently remains so high that the price of chlorinated rubber also remains at a high level.In this case, some high chlorinated polymer manufacturers sell cheap “chlorinated rubber by the solvent method”, seriously disturbing the market.We’ve visited a number of customers to get some samples. Beijing Chemical University has concluded that those cheap “chlorinated rubber by the solvent method” is faked after testing the samples via infrared spectrum. At this moment we disclose the test information  to help users to avoid potential quality risk. The test has found the three kinds of chlorianted rubber as below,

      1. Pass HCPE off as chlorinated rubber;

      2. Pass a mixture of HCPE,chlorinated paraffin,chlorine ether and chlorinated rubber off as chlorinated rubber.Some paint factories find that  the mixing ratio of non-chlorinated-rubber contents vary from 20% to 65%, and 60% occurs most frequently.

  1. Pass chlorinated rubber by water suspension method or high chlorinated polyethylene by aqueous phase off as chlorinated rubber by solvent method.

The three “chlorinated rubber by the solvent method” is totally different from genuine chlorinated rubber by the solvent method in terms of quality.However, as their appearance,chlorinity, moisture and ash content are very similar,they can’t be distinguished through  general tests.We suggest that users that plan to buy chlorinated rubber or have purchased chlorinated rubber at a low price use infrared spectrum to distinguish fake chlorinated rubber. Here’s the standard infrared spectrum obtained from academic document for your reference.