Ruize Received Sponsor from National Innovation Fund

Small and medium-sized high-tech innovation fund set by state department is a governmental specific fund used to sponsor technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprise. The new process of high chlorinated rubber by solvent method developed by Ruize received the fund as the product quality and performance are both better than that produced by traditional carbon tetrachloride process.

To optimize the industry and product structure, expand domestic demand and promote the healthy, stable and rapid development of national economy, taking the path of scientific and technological innovation and accelerating the industrialization process of high technology to become small and mid-sized enterprises with Chinese characteristics is a necessity. We has utilized our technical potential and developed a unique new process at home and abroad after years of hard exploration and technological innovation. The carbon tetrachloride method has vanished and the new solvent method will play a great role. Ruize’s innovation has been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and won free capital support, and obtained the certificate of funded innovative project for small and medium-sized enterprises. All this is a new start for ambitious Ruizers.

Knowledge changes fate, science and technology create wealth. Now we has co-operated with universities and research institutes and worked on a new series of research and development. We are confident in realizing our goal of being top chlorinated rubber supplier in China. We’ll have a better tomorrow.