Emergent Notice

Dear Customers,

We’ve found that some merchants and manufacturers illegally sell faked chlorinated rubber that is labeled with Ruize and with neutral or English packaging. The faked products are packed with shoddly karft paper without trademark,address,tel number or certificate of qualification. We kindly inform that these products are not produced by Ruize.

Ruize is the only one manufactuerer that produces chlorinated rubber using the new solvent method in China. We pack the products with polypropylene textile bags lined with plastic sheets.The trademark, manufacture, address,tel number together with certificate of qualification and test report(Please refer to the photos of genuine product and fake product below).

A lot of victims have called us and sent photos to verify the products. We are shocked by this kind of serious infringement and ask customers to pay more attention to the products to avoid possible quality risk and the legal disputes that might ruin reputation.

Some chlorinated polymer manufacturers fully understand everyone’s wish for low-price materials so they sell fake chlorinated rubber at a low price. In order to protect users’ interest and ensure quality reliability of chlorinated rubber anti-corrosion paint, we have collected samples of different chlorinated rubber for infrared detection in Beijing Chemical Industry University.The test result is as below,

  1. Pass HCPE off as chlorinated polymer.
  2. Pass a mixture of HCPE,chlorinated paraffin,chlorine ether and chlorinated rubber off as chlorinated polymer.Some paint factories find that the mixing ratio of non-chlorinated-rubber contents vary from 20% to 65%, and 60% occurs most frequently.
  3. Pass chlorinated rubber by water suspension method or high chlorinated polyethylene by aqueous phase off as chlorinated rubber by solvent method.
There’s a great gap between the three so-called chlorinated rubber products by the solvent method and genuine chlorinated rubber products in terms of quality and performance. But as their appearance is similar,some distributors use fake chlorinated rubber to make money.

Please stand with us to maintain fair market and legal competition and boycott the fraud behavior to protect our common interest.

We also hope the users that are cheated or are using fake products to refuse to use fake products.We’ll take legal actions to safeguard our legitimate rights and recover immeasurable losses in quality, reputation and market due to the fraud behavior.